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10 Reasons Why I Completely Stopped Buying “Group Deals”

As you also can tell, Facebook cleverly checks the option to post to my profile, so as soon as I make the purchase my friends can also see my activity. Each Deal page seems to be prioritized by two main categories: events and activities, followed by arts and entertainment.

Also, the limited nature of the program means that all deals right now appear to be from small, local companies rather than large brands. Facebook also seems to prefer unique, local experiences rather than utility deals like dry cleaning or house cleaning. The following is an overview of the two main types of deals and real examples of the deals being offered.

Group Deals: These are deals for a set number of people that one person can buy on behalf of the group.

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As you may notice, buying the deal on Facebook is not inherently social. Whether 50 people take advantage of the deal or 5, — there are no real group buying advantages. I had a real issue with Living Social. I bought a package for a dinner for two at a Port Melbourne restaurant and when I went to use it the restaurant would not honour the coupon. I contacted Living Social and despite numerous emails to their head office in the US they did not reply or assist with my enquiry.

I have emailed numerous times. One was for a restaurant but it would not honour the voucher and the other was for cleaning, but the company was closed down. You can only email Living Social, we complained about both, they have never answered our emails.

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What a raught!!!! Purchased replacement glass for iPhone arrived late no instructions as promised. Do you have any experiences, good or bad, with Groupon? We guarantee that merchants will honour your voucher for the lifetime of the offer or your money back. And Why dont you have a contact number? See some of the worst examples from readers so far below Have you had a bad experience? The transaction was decline due to my credit card fraud alert.

Ros North says he bought a voucher for a deep sea fishing trip. His first booking was cancelled by the fishing company, the second one was cancelled a half hour before he was due to arrive because of weather.

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I complained to Scoopon and was basically told too bad so sad. Did you make money? Are you a consumer who got screwed by an unscrupulous group buying service provider?

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Do you still purchase group buying deals? Matt Danko is a visual design, communications, branding and marketing specialist.

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