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Is there a different tax treatment? Last edited by fishndoc on Wed Dec 05, pm, edited 1 time in total. If the maturity is the same for an IO and a PO, then they should be subject to similar interest rate risk. IOs could be perceived as less liquid than POs.

All of them come into effect, and the varying importance of them in different environments likely explains the price differentials in different periods. The duration of a PO should be equal to the maturity. Both get stripped. But the coupons strips that mature on the same date get the same CUSIP so they are "fungible" to use Culp's term for a liquid security.

Thanks David, Perfect! You are a very good teacher I must say.

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I did read the first link mentioned above, its good. One more doubt I have. In the comparison of advantages and disadvantages of stripping a coupon bond how are zero coupon bonds more sensitive to interest rate than coupon bonds. One example may help. Thanks, nichas. Apr 19, Now add coupons: the PV is now a function of several "embedded" zeros where the coupons are less sensitive because they arrive earlier; less time until receipt.

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So the coupons bring down dilute the bond's duration. Thanks David, Got it! I have one question , why shorter term C-strips tend to tade rich,and longer term C-strips tend to tade cheap? Hi Minnie, Say we have 3 C-strips over a period of 1.

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Correct me David if I am wrong. Apr 26, Sachin, I agree with your illustration in the context of a "pricing framework;" i. In his case, it's a "violation" of no arbitrage one price law , but in a world absent friction and fully liquid. He suggests or says that illiquidity is responsible for differences between pricing framework and empirical prices. Illiquidity, to my thinking, would cause either random variation sometimes rich, sometimes cheap or, more likely, a persistently cheap price for illiquidity these are pretty illiquid , but not the pattern shown.

A predictable persistence could be due to something technically persistent like traders always tend to buy more demand more short term c strips. But for myself, as it's an empirical observation, I don't struggle with it nor do I assume Tuckman's data is correct today?! Chapter 4 : How to calculate or determine flat price? Under what circumstances would the bonds be reconstituted? Why reconstituting a bond?

It is written that "P-Strips created from the stripping of a particular bond may be used to reconstitute only that bond. This difference implies that P-strips inherit the chepaness or richness of the bonds from which they are derived" my question is: What does it mean by "P-strips inherit the chepaness or richness of the bonds from which they are derived?

Jul 13, Treasury does make the STRIPS program viable, however, by making the physical mechanics of detaching the interest and principal payments possible. Principal-only STRIPS can be excellent investments for investors who are especially wary of risk or need specific payments on specific future dates.

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For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. However, they had also issued five- and year TIPS during those years in addition to the year offering. Down south, a Sep 23, Bond Market. The delay in the onset of the South-West monsoon could well be the last straw for Hyderabad to get into a This difference implies that P-strips inherit the chepaness or richness of the bonds from which they are derived" my question is: What does it mean by "P-strips inherit the chepaness or richness of the bonds from which they are derived?

They are also good for tax-deferred accounts such as IRAs. But there are factors the investor should consider before investing. Thus, with their virtually guaranteed repayment , principal-only STRIPS make excellent defensive plays in an uncertain market. Second, inflation takes a bigger bite out of principal-only STRIPS returns than from riskier but higher-yielding fixed-income securities.

Thus, changes in inflation expectations or the degree of uncertainty about inflation can really affect principal-only STRIPS prices. Show 5 More. Our in-depth tools give millions of people across the globe highly detailed and thoroughly explained answers to their most important financial questions.

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